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SHIFTY is an engaging puzzle game in which you shift the scrambled rows and columns of a two-sided grid to match a target pattern.  After you shake the device to scramble the cells, your mission is to match the target pattern you’ve selected by shifting the rows and columns in the grid.

Just like in a great puzzle game:

 The challenge is not as easy as you might think!

... and that's what makes it fun

Think of the SHIFTY grid as a Rubik-like membrane where the cells are shifted horizontally or vertically until they reappear on the opposite side.  

SHIFTY will give you hours of fun puzzle-solving with its wide variety of target patterns to unscramble.  Sharpen your skills by starting with the simpler 3x3 grids and then move on to the more challenging 4x4 grids until you finally master the brain-splicing 5x5 grids!

SHIFTY is both challenging and addictive, but the rules are easy to learn.  Select Info -> Help from the main screen to quickly learn how to play.

The SHIFTY experience awaits. . . You can purchase from an iPhone or iPod for only $1.99. Simply search for SHIFTY while in the AppStore, and begin the challenge!

Good luck and enjoy!

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